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Welcome to The Oliver Group

The Oliver Group (TOG) was founded in 1997 and provides specialized e-discovery services to corporations, litigation support providers, and major law firms on an international scale.

TOG is a proven, reliable partner with extensive global experience that includes some of the world's most publicized corporate legal actions of the last decade. Its U.S. headquarters is located in Connecticut and its European Union headquarters is located in London.

The First Call to Make in e-Discovery

Correctly managing the early stages of the e-discovery process is critical to maintaining legal defensibility and achieving desired outcomes. It's imperative to identify and select experienced partners, right from the beginning. When you need high volume processing, total data integrity, security and flexibility across all technology platforms, the first call to make is to the experts at The Oliver Group.

What We Do

TOG helps international clients navigate the early stages of the e-discovery process through service offerings that include:

  • Data Acquisition & Forensic Analysis
  • Media Restoration & Data Conversion
  • Data Preservation & Remediation
  • e-Discovery Processing
    • Data Filtering, Culling & Searching
    • Metadata/Text Extraction
    • Bates Stamping
    • TIFF/PDF Creation
    • Load File Creation
  • Litigation & Compliance Readiness Assessments
  • On-Site Data Acquisition, Analysis & e-Discovery Processing

How We Do It

A rigorous project management methodology is employed on every client engagement. The model has been continuously improved over more than a decade and ensures:

  • Transparency - clients knows what is happening and why, at every step
  • Reliability - goals are set correctly, timelines are realistic, outcomes are predictable
  • Integrity - data is handled properly and kept secure

TOG facilities are highly scalable secure environments that enable the company's restoration, preservation, analysis, processing and conversion capabilities. This state-of-the-art infrastructure includes an array of tape libraries, hundreds of servers and tape drives, multiple terabytes of data storage, specialized analysis labs and secure media vaults.


The Oliver Group Offers Experienced, Proactive and Reactive Solutions for Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

The Oliver Group announces expanded service offerings related to Intellectual Property (IP) theft investigations.

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The Oliver Group Offers On-Site Full eDiscovery Processing – From Collection to TIFF

The Oliver Group announces expanded service offerings related to on-site eDiscovery processing capabilities.

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The Oliver Group Eliminates Travel Time Charges to Washington, D.C.

Due in part to TOG's increased presence in northeast law firms, channel partners, corporations and city agencies, TOG will no longer be charging for travel time in Washington D.C.

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The Oliver Group Provides Defensible Collection of Social Media Data, Website Content and Webmail

The Oliver Group announces the implementation and success of their unrivaled Social Media and Website Discovery Data Acquisition and Forensic (DAF) Collection Service

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